hello, i'm Quba

A Product Designer, experienced in Front-end Development optimising digital interfaces through addressing UX challenges & crafting Design systems.

years in products and services; i design and code cool sites, like this one! :P

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latest work

Lead Generation
Product/UX Designer
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Lead Gen

Form Flow Revamp

Re-design of form flow for a Lead generation product by combining research and A/B Testing

  • Resulted in around 5% increase in lead submit rate within a month.
  • Proposed building of design system which was utilized in brand design
  • Conducted A/B Test to increase overall performance
  • Design System
    UI/UX Designer and Research
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    Conducted thorough research to develop a systematic approach for constructing a tailored design system library of complex products that addresses challenges in intricate product environments.

  • Structure was implemented in four different projects.
  • Shared among the other design teams.
  • Raved internally among the dev and product teams.
  • Implemented at white-lable level
  • GreenR Web Design
    UI Designer and Frontend Developer
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    GreenR Website

    Case Study

    Combined design and coding skills to create a visually captivating website that empowers start-ups to achieve sustainability across environmental, social, and commercial dimensions.

  • UI Design

  • Frontend Development

  • Visual Design

  • Client Project

  • let's work toghether?

    I'm thrilled to explore the best of both worlds - full-time and freelance. If you have any queries or simply want to connect, feel free to drop me a message. Let's chat!